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A Note for Travelers and Those Who Wander

Oh, Buddha. You’re a guppy. You look a bit lost. You also look a bit stupid. I can tell by that blank look on your face. Deadly combination here. Might as well give me your wallet now and let me put you out of your misery. Bullet tween the eyes’ll do it. Don’t look at me like that. It’ll be less painful that those prickly shadows that jump out at you from dark alleyways. Have a seat and I’ll tell you a few things. Do you want a drink? Look, you’ve landed yourself in a world. More exactly, you’ve landed yourself in my world. Yes, it’s true. This place is a manifestation of my sick and off-beat mind. This bar we’re in for instance. See how it’s all dark and smoky? Notice the shoddy wood that holds the place together. Not to mention the rotting driftwood that they use to piece together the table and chairs. Yup. It’s all mine. All of it! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Anywho, I’ve lovingly christened my world Impossibility. A few things to watch out for are: The Reverend and his Church of Uncommon Wisdom, Hooker Vampires, Convenience Store Barbarians and the cream gravy. Oh yeah, and don’t drink the water. Oops, a little to late for that one, eh? They say you’ve never really suffered until dysentery has wreaked havoc on your insides. This ought to be fun.

A letter from Shakespeare Jones


It all started with plant-slug. The first scientific discovery of a plant combined with a living organism. Scientists were understandably excited. They had been searching for some way to combine a plant’s photosynthetic properties with living tissue for ages. It didn’t take them long to figure it out. Within 5 years of plant slug’s discovery, the first human-plant hybrids were being born. In another fifty years, all of civilized humanity was part plant. This was seemingly a miraculous wonder. Hunger was virtually eliminated and other resource issues became moot. War diminished, as did disease.
Free from these constraints, civilized humans were able to soar. We made advancements in arts and science. We built towering cities that gleamed in the sunlight. We perfected Artificial Intelligence and spawned a new living machine. We traveled the stars and made contact with other races. But then the Centauri came. A viscous race from a distant star whose only interest is conquest. We battled them for 20 years until they darkened the skies with a cataclysmic weapon. Without the sun to feed us, we have been dying out steadily ever since.
I write this in hopes that it will survive the weathers of time and find its way into the hands of the primitive humans that still lurk in the earth’s forests. May this letter, along with the books underneath, contain all the knowledge needed to start a new epoch for Humanity. My only hope is that the ignorant savages who will undoubtedly discover this stash don’t use it for kindling. May they instead cherish it long enough to comprehend the intricacies of their evolved brethren.

Infinite Love Upon You,
Shakespeare Jones

In the beginning…

To say an account of my experiences is true would be to claim things without certainty.  Conversely, to disregard them as flights of fancy, to ignore them as fantastic imaginings would be just as foolish.  For I know something for certain; and that is what I experience is real enough to me, if not on this physical plane then on some astral or spiritual one.  For I wholeheartedly believe that both exist.  I also believe that to deny the existence of the spiritual plane is the most asinine folly of humanity. A folly which we all seem to increasingly adhere to.  There are countless worlds beyond our limited perception.  This is just a glimpse into one of them.  Welcome to The Realm of Possibility.

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