The Beach

I see the ocean’s thunder
Pounding against virgin shores.
I hear love gained and lost
Tragedy turned comedy
(or however you fancy
Living their moments on
Pure sandy beaches.

For some reason I think it’s dark.
But that doesn’t stop her from letting go of my hand.
We aren’t afraid of the same things.

“One Day,”
She tells me,
“I’m gonna walk to the moon.”
I used to always smile until
That day
She disappeared.

Left alone,
I’m Hoping…
…sitting on a beach
listening as birds praise whatever it is they praise.
I wonder if anyone will ever sing for me. Not out of praise, but maybe simply because it feels right.


About That One Guy

Jason lives, laughs and loves in the Land of Enchantment. He has been many exciting things in his life, but his title has always been "author." His book, "The Ruined Man," was a finalist in the 2017 NM-AZ Book Awards. Follow him on Facebook at: Twitter: @infinityjones and Instagram @theruinedman and don't forget to check out his blog at

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