The Doorway of Realization

It comes about in an individual’s Personal Quest that they reach a threshold. This is the threshold to the Doorway of Realization. Stepping through is the most terrifying journey one can embark upon. For to step through that doorway is to commit one’s entire being to the fulfillment of their Legend. This means a person has staked their very existence on the outcome of their story. Success means personal enlightenment and contentment on an epic scale. Failure means oblivion. It is literally an all or nothing wager. However, the game is a long one and sometimes you’re up…and sometimes you aren’t. And it’s easy to cash in your chips and move on when you’re down and feeling the presence of Destiny hovering seductively over your shoulder urging you to bet even more…It takes a Seeking Fool to accept the advice of that seductive Aphrodite. It takes a True Believer to stare her in the face when you lose. To watch her eyes sparkle with laughter and joy as she asks, “Do you trust me?” And it takes a Legend to smile with laugher and joy right back at her and reply, “What the hell?” And how does a person go about accomplishing this Herculean feat?

The mark of a moderate man
Is freedom from his own ideas.
Tolerant like the sky,
All-pervading like sunlight,
Firm like the mountain
Supple like a tree in the wind,
He has no destination in view
And makes use of anything
Life happens to bring his way. Tao te Ching (59)

That’s IT. The Answer. In order to achieve your Personal Legend you must release yourself from the very obligation of it. Once you do this, you free yourself to move forward through that Doorway of Realization. Tolerant, all-pervading, firm and supple. You have no destination in view because you already know where you are going. Thus, anything life brings your way will ultimately further your journey toward your fulfillment. The next line the Tao gives is of the utmost importance:

Nothing is impossible for him. (59)

What a beautiful thing this is! To know that realization is tickling your fingertips…begging you grasp it. To know that your real journey will begin as soon as you take that first step!
However, dear Seeker, this does not mean you won’t meet with failure. You should understand that failure always signifies a fork in the road. It gives you a choice: You can let your failure discourage you enough to get up from the table and cash in your chips, feeling hurt and indignant at your loss. Jaded and blaming those who’ve wrong you on your Path. Or you can use the failure as an opportunity to realize one of your weaknesses. Weaknesses can always be turned into Strengths with enough will power and determination.

Failure is an opportunity.
If you blame someone else,
There is no end to the blame. Tao te Ching (79)

Simply: Take responsibility for yourself and get on with it!

Therefore the Master
Fulfills her own obligations
And corrects her own mistakes.
She does what she needs to do
And demands nothing of others. Tao te Ching (79)


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