Divine Fractals and the Mind of God

It is popular belief that God is in everything. That every aspect of Creation has stemmed from God in his infinite wisdom. Thus, Creation could be seen as a reflection of God, Itself. Everything in Creation, containing its own divine spark, is like a divine Fractal. As above so below. Everything in Creation is, essentially, another aspect of God. Another tiny piece of It, so to speak.

So, Creation, being a reflection of God, shattered into countless pieces and agitated the Abyss into creating God in a physical form. Hence the Universe. Now consider each and every aspect of the universe. If Creation is God looking at His own reflection and trying to understand Himself, then each and every part of Creation, though it appears separate and individual, is in reality, a part of the Greater Whole. Thus, not only are people part of the Mind of God, but the experiences those people are having and the thoughts and emotions tied to those experiences are also part of that Mind. But the rabbit hole doesn’t stop there. The background and settings to those experiences and everything happening outside of them to everything and everybody else encompasses that Mind as well. Each and every thing in Creation from the Universe as a whole down to the tiniest quark is a piece of the reflection of the Mind of God. Warning:

Trying to grasp that concept may cause vertigo and headaches.
So the question remains, “How do we humans understand that Mind? How do we see the Greater Whole for what it is?” The answer is simple: We don’t. It’s like asking a figure in a painting to step outside the painting and describe it. Impossible. The figure would physically have to step outside his own existence. The paradox lies in the fact that as far as the figure is concerned, outside the frame, the painting doesn’t exist. And if the painting doesn’t exist, then neither does the figure vainly attempting to explain it all. He is as much a part of the painting as the trees and sky and grass and mountains set as his backdrop.

We cannot step outside the boundaries of Creation. It is our painting. The best we can do is to examine the painting from the inside hoping to glean some understanding of the artist on the outside. This examination gave us the polar twins religion and science. The difference being that religion gives credit to the artist for his masterpiece and science staunchly insists that the masterpiece spontaneously sprang into being of its own volition. Something akin to that picture of the hand drawing itself on paper.
So we return to humanity’s vain folly. In order to understand the Mind of God, we would have to step outside the painting. We would literally have to see every last person, place, thing or idea in the universe AT ONCE and AS ONE. Only then would we “understand the meaning of it all”. Unfortunately the very notion is impossible for the human mind to truly fathom, much less understand.

This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist and we can’t glimpse His Works from time to time. It doesn’t mean that we should quit seeking spiritual truths, enlightenment, salvation or whatever one may prefer to call it. It means that we, as figures in this beautiful masterpiece, must realize and accept what we are. Whatever glimpses of the Great Whole we are allowed to see are only that: glimpses of something much larger than ourselves. Something our limited perceptions can never understand.
See the world as your self.
Have faith in the way things are.
Love the world as your self;
then you can care for all things.
“`The Tao Te Ching


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  1. well said. and definitely something to mull over. i find myself always striving to understand the big full picture and become so frustrated by my inability to perceive the whole. but this gives me pause and makes me believe i should step back, take a breath, and just be. to glimpse and be grateful for those glimpses. to let the beauty wash over me a hundred fold and to just allow myself to enjoy and relish the moment.

    • thank you for your comment! i’m glad it spoke to you. this piece is a product of my frustrations trying to perceive the imperceptible. i circled around the idea for days until something finally clicked. when God said, “chill out for a bit man. I got this. this is too big for you.”

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