The Narrator and Miss Darlene

A barrage of sensual bullets
explodes inside my beer.

Life’s little lessons
tucked away
underneath lace lighters.

Stoplights go off
and I race through,
crashing headlong into a brick wall
lovingly named Miss Darlene.
She likes pancakes with her vodka,
But only after noon.

How do I know?
I think, therefore,
I forgot?

I’m pretty sure my name is Rodney.
Ask me later
after I finish my cigarette.
Who knows?
I could be dead by then,
But hell,
I could be dead right now.
Only time will tell.


About That One Guy

Jason lives, laughs and loves in the Land of Enchantment. He has been many exciting things in his life, but his title has always been "author." His book, "The Ruined Man," was a finalist in the 2017 NM-AZ Book Awards. Follow him on Facebook at: Twitter: @infinityjones and Instagram @theruinedman and don't forget to check out his blog at

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