Long ago, in the days before the Universal Shift blog, I had a piece published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. My piece “Main Event: Girlfriend vs. Video Games” appeared in Issue 44. For those of you unaware, ASIM is an Australian sci-fi/ fantasy magazine. It has both print and online versions. Lovers of pulp ficition (the genre not the movie) would definitely appreciate what ASIM has to offer. Their magazines are filled with lighthearted and fun stories and poems. Nothing overly dark, gory or brooding here.

For writers, ASIM offers a blind three round submission process. When you submit a story, you’re given a number to track. You track your number on the submissions page. Round one is a general reading phase. Round two is a closer reading of your work and round three is the editors’ shortlist. It’s really a refreshing process. You don’t have to worry about your story getting passed over for another more popular author. All you really have to focus on is willing your number up that list. And for most rejected stories they usually offer some critique. Don’t expect a lot in the way of payment, though. To be honest, I elected to have my payment in contributor copies and never received them. Even after contacting ASIM regarding the issue. Maybe it had something to do with intercontinental time fluctuation differences…


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