Love Poem

I thought, in honor of Corporate Love Day, I’d post a love poem. I even titled it “Love Poem” to avoid any confusion.

I’ve been in the know concerning Valentine’s day since I was a kid. My Nana had a bunch of old books at her house. One of these books was “The History of Valentine’s Day” or something like that. It told the whole bloody story of St. Valentine. I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t find examples of chocolates and romantic love anywhere in the book. Just heartache, depression and violence. Isn’t love grand?


Silence echos inside my head.
Where have you been all my non-life?
It’s as if this moment
(Where it’s just the instant happening)
is where Creation began.

Right now life is
among us
around us
between us
Tickling our auras
while hovering just beyond our reach.

It’s a cosmic cabal
A prophecy of hope stolen away
by the machinations of the Great Beast.
And here we are in the middle of it!

A singular star lights the Path
proclaiming itself to be a hopeful destination.
Maybe the light lies –there—
Maybe my angel awaits me –there-
her face aglow with messianic radiance.

Then I look inward,
toward Heaven,
And I see where you dwell,
silently in the depths of Love.


About That One Guy

Jason lives, laughs and loves in the Land of Enchantment. He has been many exciting things in his life, but his title has always been "author." His book, "The Ruined Man," was a finalist in the 2017 NM-AZ Book Awards. Follow him on Facebook at: Twitter: @infinityjones and Instagram @theruinedman and don't forget to check out his blog at

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