Daily PK Dick-isms

Interestingly enough, PKD acknowledged his mental health issues. What I find interesting about this passage is the appearance of the divine feminine at the peak of his psychotic episode. I’ve known people that have had that exact same thing happen during a psychotic break. And they’ve never read PKD. The divine feminine appeared to them in a different guise, of course, but she was there just the same.

Note: all of the italics and parenthetical additions are the authors.

“My psychosis put me in touch with ‘das ewige weiblichkeit‘in me, and for that I will always be grateful; it means I will never really be alone again: whenever I really need her, I will sense her presence and hear her voice (i.e. St. Sophia). At the center of psychosis I encountered her: beautiful and kind and, most of all, wise, and through that wisdom, accompanying and leading me through the underworld, through the Bardo Thodol journey to rebirth–she, the embodiment of intelligence: Pallos Athena herself. So at the core of a shattered mind and life lies this epicenter–omphalos–of harmonie and calm. I love her, and she is my guide: the second comforter and advocate promised by Jesus…as Luther said, ‘For the very desperate‘, here in this world secretly, for their–our–sake.

When I saw her she was beautiful beyond compare–Aphrodite and Pallas Athena both–and someday I’ll see her again. She is inside me–she is my soul.”

–Philip K. Dick Exegesis pp. 372 and 373


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