In Case You Forgot: The Economy Sucks

Remember way back in 2008 when America had “The Great Recession” (which was really another Great Depression just with a nicer name) and the government bailed out rich people and their corporations and cut the rest of us loose to sink or swim? Yeah, we’ve been steadily sinking since then. Now, a whole four years into the future it seems the Metatron of our benevolent leaders (the Media) has decided to remind us of that. The Huffington Post writes this:

Income Inequality

I can’t believe it’s taken the Media so long to figure this out! I thought this was apparent from the first bailout when they bailed out the banks and the rich assholes instead of the American people. You remember don’t you? All those banks and rich assholes gave themselves billions of bailout dollars in bonuses? Don’t remember that? Here, let me jog your memory.

Bailout Bonuses

86% of Bailout Money Goes to Executive Bonuses

Oh that’s right! A huge majority of that taxpayer money our government gave the “too big to fail” corporations went right into their executives’ pockets. Meanwhile, more and more working class Americans are ending up in tent cities.

Tent City Blues

Tent cities. The future of America! Free rent, natural living and outdoor pooping!

Here’s a breakdown of the equation as I understand it.

Government + Taxpayer money = “Too Big To Fail” bailout = Big Banks and Corporations + Executive (read RICH) bonuses

On the other end of that we have the equation:

Bailout + Richest 1% = Superfluous Economic Growth (Rich get richer)

Bailout – American People ā€“ Basic Necessities = Tent Cities = Economy ā€“ Middle Class

How is this not pissing anyone off?



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