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Why do bad things happen to good people? What kind of God would allow all this suffering? And so on and so forth. I face these questions frequently. As if people can’t believe in a truly good God in a world full of calamity and heartache. Of course, these people are misled. Unable to see the forest through the trees, as it were. Hermes Trismegistus sheds some light in a way that really hit home for me. Enjoy!

“And do not be wary of the full variety of creation, for fear that you will abase God and extinguish His glory. For He has only one glory, which is to create everything; this is as it were the body of God, creation. Nothing evil or shameful can be ascribed to the Creator. These are afflictions which follow upon coming into being; like the green on copper or the dirt on the body. For the coppersmith does not make the green, nor the parents the dirt on the body, nor does God create evil.

But the continued existence of creation causes evil like a kind of ulcer and therefore God brought about transformation (Gnosis, salvation, enlightenment, etc.–J), to cleanse the impurity of birth.”

—-The Way of Hermes pp.72 and 73


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  1. If the ability to make mistakes, which is a core requirement of evil, didn’t exist we would be nothing more then automatons. The idea of good and evil is a selfish human concept to bring one more satisfaction and is applied against God because we believe God should be our slave and please us.

    All evil without exception derives from want. What we all want is something greater, and evil is simply a path way or incorrect choice that will never reach the destination we all strive for. To believe God is not responsible for all things is to be a polytheist, our inability to understand the purpose of an “evil” act doesn’t make it objectively wrong. For instance an act of great evil can be a catalyst for great love or great restoration. To dismiss or devalue evil acts as aberrations or exceptions to an idealistic reality will only make them occur more out of our ignorance.

    • First, thanks for the thoughtful response. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. But if I may…

      Good and Evil are not merely “selfish human concepts”. The material (or physical) world is designed with duality as a central concept. Dark/Light, Above/Below, Fire/Water, North/South. There’s a pattern. Do you see? One cannot exist without the other. We couldn’t understand God’s goodness without knowing what evil is. Moral subjectivity is a trap. The entire human race, despite our disagreements, agrees on basic fundamental rights. Don’t murder. Don’t steal. Don’t do things that are bad for you or others. These are moral truths. And if you think there aren’t acts committed that are so atrocious, so horrendous that it would turn even the hardest stomachs, you are again mistaken. There is a line. And people can use Moral Relativity as a tool of denial all they want. But that doesn’t change truth. There is Good. There is Evil. And they don’t merely stem from human shortcomings. Though, human shortcomings are often used and manipulated to further evil.

      “To dismiss or devalue evil acts as aberrations or exceptions to an idealistic reality will only make them occur more out of our ignorance.” I agree completely. But again, beware of moral relativity, because that’s exactly what it does.

      • If you were faced with a choice, murder someone or let 10,000 die, would you let the 10,000 die. If you were faced with feeding your family, would you steal?

        There are core concepts that underlay morality that regardless of the decision you have to make will help you make the right one. Compassion, Integrity, honesty. Moral relativity is the argument most christians use to support their 1000 year old Jewish laws.

        Morals do change, even if you view the bible in the old testament there were things that were “abominations” which Jesus later came along and threw out, but before that they were very much morally wrong. What is important are not some arbitrary set of rules it is fostering the characteristics that make a good person, like the characteristics listed above. Morality does change, compassion , love, integrity these things do not.

        All evil without exception comes from want. Rape, murder, theft, the holocaust. It is human arrogance and greed. So I will have to disagree with you, evil is a human short coming, and we should recognize it as such because believe it some abstract force requires an abstract force to defeat, which is usually what most religious people want.

        The universe does function in binary, but the opposite of good isn’t evil, it is actually absence. What we consider to be evil are acts that contribute to absence.

      • Just because people may be faced with difficult choices, doesn’t make those choices “morally right because of the situation”.

        You say compassion, love and integrity don’t change. Yet, Morality stems from all these things. It’s not about an arbitrary set of laws.

        Claiming evil is nothing more than a human concept forces us to stand alone when it comes to struggling with it. Because we aren’t strong enough or perfect enough to become better people on our own. We need that concept of a higher Good to look to, to inspire us. It has nothing to do with religion.

        And the opposite of absence is Creation.

      • I agree, morality does stem from all these things, and I believe we can stand together, no one need to stand alone. I also agree that we do need the higher concept of Good to inspire us, it is what we need to work towards.

        My concept of Good and Evil stems abstractly from some, but not all concepts in kaballah where God is everything and our want stems from a need to get back to God, and there is two paths suffering (evil) or (bestowal) good. So good / creation / everything would be synonymous.

  2. Very touching and shows how sensitive a soul could be for others! I think we are here for one reason ‘love’, this world was created for one reason ‘love’; on the other hand we have exams and to pass exams perhaps we go through tests? So maybe God tests us in all different ways? In good and bad ways also to see how do we judge, plan, play along? I am sure many pass and many fail, but who knows but the God!

    • Very astute observation. 😀 We are all tested according to our individual needs. As no two people are exactly the same, God speaks to each of us in a manner in which we can hear him. And you are right on in saying this world was created for love.

  3. Thank you, indeed a great post 🙂

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