Daily Wisdom-isms: Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Sorry for the absence. I was down with a sickness! I wanted to post, I really did. But I couldn’t form coherent thoughts through the fever fog clouding my head. I tried typing up a random post and it turned into an incoherent treatise on the virtues and vices of Dayquil mixed with several other anti-sick meds and the effect said cocktail has on a person’s sanity.

So, today, I stumbled across something in Memories, Dreams and Reflections by Carl Jung. Jung is hands down my favorite historical shrink EVER. I think his unique blend of psychology and spirituality is right on time. Here, he reflects on the story of Adam and Eve. Enjoy!

“I mentally ran through the long procession of unknown ancestors until finally I arrived at Adam and Eve. And with them came this decisive thought: Adam and Eve were the first people; they had no parents, but were created directly by God, who intentionally made them as they were. They had no choice but to be exactly as God had created them. Therefore, they did not know how they could possibly be different. They were perfect creatures of God, for He creates only perfection, and yet they committed the first sin by doing what God did not want them to do. How was that possible? They could not have done it if God had not placed in them the possibility of doing it. That was clear too, from the serpent, whom God had created before them [Adam and Eve–J], obviously so that it could induce Adam and Eve to sin. God in His omniscience had arranged everything so that the first parents would have to sin. Therefore it was God’s intention that they should sin.[Italics author’s–J]”—Memories, Dreams, Reflections p.38


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  1. Good one, if I say, yes God created them but serpent (Satan) was the one to deny God and God allowed him to disobey and manipulate Humans (Adam/Eve), according to what I read. And this will go on, until day of Judgement. It reminds me of this quote: ‘I love God but he has given me a freedom to deny him’ (quoted earlier also). In the conclusion I would add God made everyone, not just Adam and Eve (they without biological parents though) but God gave them minds (brains), a free-will to sin or not to sin also 🙂 I like the post and I hope you are feeling well by now 🙂

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