Daily Wisdom-isms: Franz Bardon (Knowledge and Wisdom)

An excerpt from Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon. His is an interesting story. Worth looking into if you are so inclined. Enjoy!

“There is a vast difference between knowledge and wisdom. It is considerably less difficult to gain knowledge than it is to attain wisdom. Wisdom is not at all dependent upon knowledge, although both are identical to a certain degree. The source of wisdom is within God, within the causal principle, in the Akasha, on all planes of the material, astral and mental worlds. Therefore wisdom does not depend on the intellect and memory but on the maturity, purity and perfection of the personality of the individual.”—-Franz Bardon, Initiation into Hermetics. pp. 55, 56

This really speaks to me. Especially in a time where there is far more knowledge than wisdom in the world.


About Universal Shift

I am the Sonata Unusual. I coat myself with some obtuse angle too far below zero to become any warmer. I create motivation, activate schemas, moisten gardens with scents of natural honeydew. Construct this meaning, you sleepy flock. Silence your singing—despairing contortions out of tune. Shatter the brittle butterfly glass with your hideous wailing. I am born of my god’s imagination. When I die I shall meet him. For there are many things to discuss over tea…or scotch.

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  1. Good stuff as usual! 😉

  2. This is 100% true! If more people understood this, we’d all be better off.

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