Daily Wisdomisms: The Way of Hermes (Irreverence)

The writings of Hermes predate most religious texts. As a result, almost every modern religion has taken from the wisdom of his words. In this passage, he speaks of what sins God and his divine servants will forgive. Enjoy!

“Irreverence is mankind’s greatest offence against the gods; for the gods’ work is to do good, men’s to show reverence, and for the spiritual powers to serve. Whatever else men have the audacity to undertake through error, recklessness, compulsion (which they call destiny), or ignorance, the gods will hold them guiltless. Only irreverence comes under judgement.”—The Way of Hermes p. 76

Hmmm…looks like there isn’t much sin that God won’t forgive us. As a matter of fact, the only sin He can’t forgive is turning our backs on him. I like that he compares compulsion with destiny and hints that as humans, we often confuse the two. But even this is forgivable. Awesome. Just…awesome.


About Universal Shift

I am the Sonata Unusual. I coat myself with some obtuse angle too far below zero to become any warmer. I create motivation, activate schemas, moisten gardens with scents of natural honeydew. Construct this meaning, you sleepy flock. Silence your singing—despairing contortions out of tune. Shatter the brittle butterfly glass with your hideous wailing. I am born of my god’s imagination. When I die I shall meet him. For there are many things to discuss over tea…or scotch.

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