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Daily Wisdomisms: Philip K. Dick

Another excerpt from his Exegesis. In this piece, PKD examines the nature of God and God’s connection with nature. Enjoy!

Space, time and motion are relative…since the universe is infinite, and there cannot be two infinites, the infinite God and the infinite universe must be one…there is no prime mover, there is motion or energy inherent in every part of the whole. “God is not an external intelligence…it is more worthy for him to be the internal principle of motion, which is his own nature, his own soul”. Nature is outside of the divine mine; however, this mind is not in a “heaven above” but in every particle of reality.The Exegesis p. 394.

I like this. PKD is essentially saying that God is not separate from His creation. That God IS His creation.

Daily Wisdomisms: Kierkegaard

“yea, so long as every nerve in you is aquiver, whether when you are stealing softly about, or when you step out boldly and Janzian music within drowns out your consciousness—then you feel you are living.”



It’s brilliance, it’s passion, it’s inspiration that matter in these uncertain times. These are all there is left to hold on to. The illusion is crumbling beneath our feet and with it goes everything reality holds dear.

Daily Wisdomisms: The Book of Thomas the Contender

The Book of Thomas the Contender is a treatise from The Nag Hammadi Library. I came across this passage recently and thought it fit in nicely with the quotes from The Corpus Hermeticum concerning the web of ignorance and the tendency humanity has to bury its head in the sand rather than face difficult truths. Enjoy!

Woe to you captives, for you are bound in caverns! You laugh! In mad laughter you rejoice! You neither realize your perdition, nor do you reflect on your circumstances, nor have you understood that you dwell in darkness and death! On the contrary, you are drunk with the fire and full of bitterness. Your mind is deranged on account of the burning that is in you, and sweet to you are the poisons and the blows of your enemies. And the darkness rose for you like the light, for you surrendered your freedom for servitude! You darkened your hearts and surrendered your hearts to folly.The Nag Hammadi Library in English (p. 205)

Powerful words. I think they do a great job of reflecting the state of thinking for modern mankind. We live in an era of bitterness, skepticism and scorn. As a matter of fact, we revel in it. All you have to do is read a comment thread for anything on the internet to see that. Scorn. Hatred. Bitterness. Mockery. And too many people seem to love it. They are “drunk with fire and full of bitterness.” Not saying that everyone out there is like this. I’m commenting on the trends that I notice. I believe in the basic goodness of mankind, but I think we tend to lose ourselves in the darkness and are often all to willing to surrender our freedom for servitude.

Bloggers on Tour

Thanks to Eric Keys for the invitation to the blog tour. The point is to learn about other writers and check out their blogs. I’m gonna answer some questions and invite more bloggers. Enjoy!

What am I working on at the moment?

At the moment I am finishing my second novel, The Ruined Man, and trying to get it done in time to submit to the NM Book Awards.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

That’s a hard question to answer. I write in a few different genres. My imagination takes me to so many wonderful worlds I can’t just stick to one mold, as it were. Much of my writing is a blending of genres. Sometimes they blend well and sometimes…

Why do I write what I do?

Because I feel compelled to.

How does my writing process work?

My best stories are played out like movies in my head with me frantically scribbling, trying to keep up with the telling. Often, I don’t know how they end until I get there.


4 Bloggers to Invite on the tour.


Words of Birds


Red Tales

And I think that about covers it. Thanks again, Eric, for the invite. Let the tour continue!

Daily Wisdomisms: Hermes Trismegistus

This is a continuation from yesterday’s Wisdomism. Hermes has told us to look with our hearts and be sober in order to see through and overcome the ignorance and deception running rampant in our world. Here, he gets a bit more specific on just how to do that. Enjoy!

First you have to strip off the garment which you are wearing, the web of ignorance, the fabric of evil, the knot of destruction, the girdle of darkness, the living death, the sentient corpse, the portable tomb, the robber in your house, him who hates through what he loves and bears malice through what he hates.

Such is the hateful garment you wear, which binds you in itself lest, when you look up and see the beauty of truth and the Supreme Good which lies within, you should hate the evil of this garment and realize its treachery. This has ensnared you making the seeming senses, insensible; for it has blocked them up with much gross matter and filled them with loathsome pleasure, so you do not hear what you should hear and see what you should see.Corpus Hermeticum Book 7

This “garment” we all wear is our connection to our egos which are entrenched in the physical world and continually seek material pleasures and comforts.  We willingly blind ourselves to the deception around us in order to immerse ourselves in the distractions of the material world. Look around you. Do you see the multiple distractions that surround you even where you sit reading this?  Humanity has not progressed. We have merely added more bells and whistles to distract us from the truth. And there are those who do not have our best interests at heart who continually play on and add to those distractions in order to keep us in a state of willing subservience.

Daily Wisdomisms: Hermes Trismegistus

You know, the more I read of ancient texts, the more I realize everything we “learn” we are only remembering. There is nothing new under the sun. Tough times and advice on how to weather them have been around as long as mankind. And if you haven’t noticed, hard times abound now. But with these hard times comes a boatload of lies, deception and falsity covering them up and leading us further down the path to ruin. Hermes saw this very thing in his day and offered these words of wisdom to help us see through the fog of deception. Enjoy!


Whither are you being carried, O men, drunk as you are, having swallowed neat, the words of ignorance, which you cannot keep down, but are already vomiting up? Stop. Be sober. Look up with the eyes of the heart; and if all of you cannot, at least those who can. The evil of ignorance floods the whole earth and completely destroys the soul confined within the body; not allowing it to be brought to safe harbor.” From the Corpus Hermeticum: Book 7

“Look up with the eyes of the heart”. Powerful words. To me that means not taking everything you see at face value. Right now, our minds are being distracted with the horse and pony show orchestrated by those who wish to keep the wool over our eyes. Have you “swallowed neat the words of ignorance?” Do you go along with what is being told to you because you are comfortable in your life? If so, “Stop. Be sober.” Nothing lasts forever, and to truly change the world we have to look though the fog. See with your heart, not your head, as it were.

Tomorrow’s post will continue with this topic, delving deeper into what Hermes believed we need to do in order to bring our souls to safe harbor. See you then!

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