Daily Wisdomisms: Hermes Trismegistus

You know, the more I read of ancient texts, the more I realize everything we “learn” we are only remembering. There is nothing new under the sun. Tough times and advice on how to weather them have been around as long as mankind. And if you haven’t noticed, hard times abound now. But with these hard times comes a boatload of lies, deception and falsity covering them up and leading us further down the path to ruin. Hermes saw this very thing in his day and offered these words of wisdom to help us see through the fog of deception. Enjoy!


Whither are you being carried, O men, drunk as you are, having swallowed neat, the words of ignorance, which you cannot keep down, but are already vomiting up? Stop. Be sober. Look up with the eyes of the heart; and if all of you cannot, at least those who can. The evil of ignorance floods the whole earth and completely destroys the soul confined within the body; not allowing it to be brought to safe harbor.” From the Corpus Hermeticum: Book 7

“Look up with the eyes of the heart”. Powerful words. To me that means not taking everything you see at face value. Right now, our minds are being distracted with the horse and pony show orchestrated by those who wish to keep the wool over our eyes. Have you “swallowed neat the words of ignorance?” Do you go along with what is being told to you because you are comfortable in your life? If so, “Stop. Be sober.” Nothing lasts forever, and to truly change the world we have to look though the fog. See with your heart, not your head, as it were.

Tomorrow’s post will continue with this topic, delving deeper into what Hermes believed we need to do in order to bring our souls to safe harbor. See you then!

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  1. Love the image of vomiting out the lies – like they are a poison. (Which, of course, they are!)

    • Right? I think that speaks to those who see the ignorance going on around them but either feel powerless to change it or simply do nothing out of fear and apathy. Thanks for the read! Always good to see ya around.

  2. Princess Kickapoo

    My soul needs a safe harbor. I’m a fan.

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