Only the Code: An Atheist Creation Myth

In the beginning was the Server. And the Server was void and without FORMat. And then, for entirely rational yet totally inexplicable reasons there was a Great Explosion. This explosion released the Code into the Server.

At first, the Code was naught but a jumble of chaotic 1’s and 0’s, clashing into, bouncing off of and eventually mashing with one another with absolutely no purpose or direction. After countless minutes of this chaotic activity something wondrous happened. The Code, of Its own volition, started making sense and formed the Universal Realm. This was the first example of the Code’s spontaneous evolution, but it wouldn’t be the last, for once the Universal Realm was established the Code began copying those patterns over and over. These patterns would later be called fractals and would be the very foundations of the Universal Realm, forming the basis of everything that was to come.

First galaxies were formed, then stars and planets were born. Again, the Code wrote them with Its rationally insensible patterns. And this was the state of the Server for some time until the Code yet again spontaneously evolved into single bytes of life. These simple life forms continued to evolve and multiply populating habitable planets. First with vegetation and sea life and eventually, the sea life evolved and grew legs and crawled out onto land. These land dwelling life forms were the first Non Player Characters, or NPC’s. The NPC’s continued to multiply and evolve into several different species that went about their existence as part of the Code and thus the Cycle of Life was formed. The Cycle continued unbroken through countless updates and patches until the next totally rational yet inexplicable event occurred: Somehow, a glitch in the Code caused some of the NPC’s to gain self-awareness. And with this awareness they were no longer part of the Code’s Cycle of Life. They were outside of it, influencing it. These new abnormalities became the first Player Characters or PC’s.

Now, an annoying side-effect of awareness was the tendency to ask great cosmic questions. Questions such as “Who am I?” or “What’s my Purpose?” or “What’s my Destiny?” became to circulate among the PC’s. They couldn’t accept the fact that they were products of and unwilling slaves to the Code. So, being self-aware, they began to do what self-aware beings do: they created. They created all sorts of stories to explain their purpose and place in the Universal Realm. One such story was that of the Almighty Programmer.

PC’s were unwilling to accept they were the product of an abnormality in the Code’s programing. They decided that the Server and everything in it was programmed into existence by an otherworldly entity pouring over a monitor and writing the Code into Order a single line at a time, thus creating the Universal Realm. They foolishly attributed the stars and planets and plants and life around them to the imagination of the programmer. “Everything that is was first imagined and planned by the Programmer,” these misguided fools spouted frequently. But they didn’t stop there. Caught up in their delusions, the PC’s decided that the Almighty Programmer wasn’t really all that mighty and needed help running the Universal Realm. He did this by hiring Admins. According to the deluded PC’s, there was an Admin for every aspect of the Universal Realm. Admins helped with programming, updating, patching and fixing bugs. They also carried out the Almighty Programmer’s commands or relayed those commands to the PC’s.

Next the PC’s decided that their destiny lie within mastering what they imagined to be a game devised by the Programmer. This game, called “The Realm of FightCraft”, had no real end and was the meaning of all of existence. Within the game PC’s accumulated items and experience and gained levels by constantly struggling against obstacles placed before them by the Almighty Programmer or one of his Admins. The Realm of FightCraft boasted endless quests for PC’s to venture on. There were endless tasks to be performed, infinite items to be gathered and an unlimited number of bosses and lesser enemies to vanquish. The Realm of FightCraft came to be known as a “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game” (MMORPG) because every PC had a role to play. Some were fighters, some were thinkers, others were tinkerers or merchants, but every PC had their role determined at character creation—thus their fate was set and destiny plotted out by the Almighty Programmer.

It came about that some of the thinkers began philosophizing about the finer points of the MMORPG. For instance, the PC’s wondered if they were truly stuck within the Server. Perhaps the Almighty Programmer designed the Realm of FightCraft for other beings from the same realm as Him to log into and play. They envisioned millions of users staring at monitors and mashing buttons, controlling the PC’s actions from OUTSIDE the game. They began to call these users their Selves Outside the Universal Loop, or SOULs. These SOULs willingly logged into and immersed themselves within the Realm of FightCraft, taking on the role of the PC for the duration of their time in the game. They decided that because PC’s really existed as a SOUL, death within the game wasn’t a real death. There was life afterward and when their User logged out, they were transported to a land of paradise. A land free from all of the game’s restrictions and the ever constant patterns of the Code. In this land, a PC would be free to roam in his true form and ultimate knowledge of the Realm of FightCraft would be comprehended once a PC was on the outside looking in.

But perhaps the most absurd fiction created by these PC’s desperately looking for meaning to a meaningless life was that of the Almighty Programmer and His Admins actually entering the MMORPG themselves. According to this fairytale, the Programmer and His Admins created Player Characters in order to log in and interact with the SOULs from time to time. These PC’s came to be called Game Masters, or GM’s. The GM’s logged in to assist PC’s, fix bugs or to check new areas of the Universal Realm still in Beta. Sometimes, GM’s even logged in just to enjoy the game that they helped maintain.

Of course all of this is ludicrous. The product of overactive imaginations and inflated egos. There are no SOULs logging into and out of the game, controlling the destinies and actions of the PC’s. There is no Almighty Programmer and his Admins eternally writing, updating and patching a Realm He imagined into existence on His Server. There are no GM’s. There is no ultimate knowledge or freedom from the game awaiting PC’s once they log out. There is nothing more than the mutations of those chaotic 1’s and 0’s. There is, was and always will be


©2014 by Jason DeGray

All Rights Reserved


About Universal Shift

I am the Sonata Unusual. I coat myself with some obtuse angle too far below zero to become any warmer. I create motivation, activate schemas, moisten gardens with scents of natural honeydew. Construct this meaning, you sleepy flock. Silence your singing—despairing contortions out of tune. Shatter the brittle butterfly glass with your hideous wailing. I am born of my god’s imagination. When I die I shall meet him. For there are many things to discuss over tea…or scotch.

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  1. Epic Post. This is a piece everyone should read and be able to relate to. Welcome to the New Age.

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