This Just In! Japanese Cabbies Furious at Ghosts Skipping Out On Fares

ID-10055099After a stunning report on the rash of ghost sightings by Japanese cabbies, what follows should come as no surprise. It seems these ghostly passengers are refusing to pay for the rides they are getting and this is causing cabbies much stress.

“It’s not bad enough that they hop in our cabs and ask to be taken to places wiped out during the tsunami,” taxi driver Akio Watanabe told This Just In, “But once we get there, they disappear without paying anything!”

If it were just once in a while, the cabbies could overlook it. “You have to understand, once the meter goes on, someone is paying for the fare,” Watanabe continues, “And when these freeloading ghosts skip out on the cab fare that means it’s coming out of our pockets! I have a family to feed. I can’t afford to be giving lazy ghosts rides to nowhere.”

And if all this isn’t bad enough, the ride to these locations is often a long one. “No one ever goes to these places anymore,” explained Watanabe, “Most of them were wiped out by the tsunami or irradiated by Fukashima. It’s a long ride out to them only to have them skip out on the fares. We miss out on other legitimate fares because of these uncaring ghosts.”

Unfortunately, there are no solutions for this problem on the horizon. “How do you make ghosts pay money? They’re ghosts! They don’t have money. They don’t even really need a ride. They could just appear wherever they’re going if they really wanted to.”

Resident TJI ghost expert John Blackstone weighs in on this phenomena, “Well, spirit travelling takes a lot of energy. Most likely these spirits are not wanting to use up all there energy getting to a place. They’re probably saving it up so they can properly haunt these ruined areas. As a ghost hunter, I can appreciate the spirits’ dedication to haunting. Nothing is more frustrating than showing up to a ghost hunt only to have the ghosts not appear for lack of expendable energy.”

Watanabe doesn’t agree, “You know what’s more frustrating than ghosts not showing up? Ghosts who expect handouts and special treatment because they’re dead. I wonder how many of these ghosts were hikikomori when they were alive? Most of them, I’m betting.” He shakes his head in disgust, “Worthless part timers.”

For now, there is no resolution in sight for this disturbing trend. “We [cabbies ed.] will most likely stop giving rides to areas hit by the tsunami. We just can’t afford it anymore. I hope the ghosts get the message and start showing a little initiative in getting to their haunting spots.”



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