Global Citizenship


We don’t belong to a nation we belong to the human race.  End borders now! Raising the “Flag for Earth”. Global citizenship. This is an issue I have seen coming to the forefront more and more lately as the anti-statist movement gains ground.

Basically, we are to cut ties to our individual nations and join the global community. Doing so, we are led to believe, will make everything right and dandy.

For those who believe in the New World Order this movement should be clearly connected to the NWO’s goals. One world. One people. One government. For those who naively continue to believe that everything is going to be alright and we are just going through “a rough patch”, this might actually seem like a pleasant sentiment. Which helps to explain its growing appeal among the proles.

If we are all citizens of earth then won’t that end all war? Won’t we quit hating each other and all coexist in a peaceful, secular harmony maintained by constant surveillance and the criminalization of original thought and the individual? Won’t there finally, after long last, be peace and prosperity on earth?


People are looking at humanity all wrong. True, we are all part of the human race. But we belong to it in the same way we belong to families: individuals that make up a whole unit.  We don’t always get along. We don’t always like or even respect one another, but at the end of the day, we are still family. Can you imagine a world where you had to be exactly the same as everyone else in your family? Dressing the same way. Eating the same things. Enjoying the same approved entertainment. Thinking the same thoughts. Acting in the same way. Everything uniform and bland. Now think of a family house where all the walls have been knocked down and the whole place is turned into one large room. Now, you have no choice but to fall into line and act like everyone else. If not, said family will reject you and kick your ass to the curb. It’s a horrible thought, right? Of course we don’t want to be the same as everyone in our families. We are individuals with individual preferences, thoughts and feelings. We each have our own worldviews and experiences. We each see the world a little differently than our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. But at the end of the day we are still family. Now take that mentality and expand it to all of humanity. Suddenly, we aren’t a human race; we are a human family.

As for anti-statism, it has to stop. It’s not progressive or hip. It’s prepackaged ignorance—Orwellian Snake Oil. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of where you came from. We all deserve a culture and a history to build our personal narratives around. It gives us something to ground ourselves in. There is no shame in that. Sure, nations have done fucked up things to each other and continue to do so. But that’s part of being a family. You deal with it. Accept people for being different even if you don’t agree with them. There is still that love of family binding us together. Love and the simple fact that after the disaster of Christmas Dinner you have your own place to go back to. Your home—where you are free to be yourself in your own way.

There isn’t a nation or people on this planet that hasn’t done something or said something fucked up to someone else. That doesn’t make us horrible or beyond forgiveness. That makes us human.

Respect that.

Be proud of that.

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