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The Ruined Man Release


That’s right! I have a book being released this summer by Michelkin Publishing. It’s a paranormal thriller set in New Mexico. I have to admit, after reading through the edits this week I was creeped out by my own book! So if you enjoy a good scare don’t forget the Ruined Man!

I’d like to share with you guys one of the blurbs I wrote about it. Enjoy!

Magic is real and it is a filthy, evil thing.

Detective Victor Wolf learns this the hard way after a run-in with a demon prince named “The Lord of Murder”. The encounter destroys Wolf’s mind, body and soul leaving him a Ruined Man.

Wolf is forced to accept his fate and rediscover who he is apart from all he lost. With the help of a shady occultist named Jonas and his former partner Frank, Wolf blazes head on into a world of intrigue, action and dark magic to face the demon that ruined him.

“The Ruined Man” out June 23, 2017!

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