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I’m sorry.

I’ve been away and I apologize. After a lifelong dedication to my craft, my passion for writing and words took a heavy blow a few months ago. My passion and dedication waned. I became full of self doubt and loathing and actually began to rethink my purpose. For those of you who know me, this will come as a shock. I have followed the writer’s path for as long as I can remember. So much so that writing is what I’m really great at. So why the blow to my passion? On some level, I think I felt betrayed. I mean, I dedicated my life to writing and all it gave me in return was a handful of preformed plays and poems published in magazines no one will ever read. Yet all around me, talent-less hacks are ghostwriting themselves onto the NY Times Best Seller List for no other reason than they are famous. They have no talent to offer the craft, only novelty. And that’s what our society has become obsessed with: Novelty.

Novelty is distraction without substance. Art sans Creativity. It’s whatever is cute, funny and/or viral at any given moment. Novelty is devoured like mental junk food and then forgotten with the next helping of Novelty. Art in all its forms has suffered for this love affair with self-induced mental retardation. After battling this trend for a while, I couldn’t take it anymore. Self doubt began to set in. And once self doubt had a firm foundation, it opened the door for Distraction. By this point, I had given up and gladly invited Distraction in.

I jumped head first into a myriad of distractions: movies, video games, books, Captain Morgan. In short, I became obsessed with Novelty too. Because giving up my passion left a hole in my soul. And I tried to fill that hole with Novelty. It didn’t work. I didn’t start feeling more “alive” because I was going with the flow. I didn’t start seeing the beauty of the Great Machine and all of its distractions. My acceptance of living a “normal everyday life” didn’t bring me peace. No. The more I inundated myself with Novelty, the more miserable I became until I had retreated so far inside of myself, I couldn’t see the light of day.

So what happened to restore my dedication, to rekindle the fires of my passion for my craft? A literally paralyzing experience gave my brain a hard restart. When I came to, all I could do is look at the time I wasted and cry. But through the tears I saw the truth. I saw that passions and life goals should not and can not be driven by external influences. Self worth can not be measured with material wealth or some preconceived status on the Social Scale. In the end, we are all accountable to ourselves and ourselves alone. We know the paths we are supposed to walk, or at least we used to. Novelty and Distraction are like mental white noise droning out the still small voice that so desperately whispers to us. The more distracted we are, the less likely it is we will ever hear that voice and self correct our paths. But we have to try. Because in the end, we are the only ones who know what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. Everything else is just Novelty.

Almost Lunch Time Meets Too Much Skyrim

Too Much Skyrim

Did the Dovakhin ever have to wait at a drive thru? I don't think so.

Video Games as a Reflection of Life: A Metaphor

“As above, so below,” is an ancient phrase with deep meaning. Basically, it says that everything in existence is a reflection of something in a higher plane and vice versa. Plato’s perfection. Atoms resemble solar systems. Puddles of water are tiny lakes and oceans. But what of humans? What of life?

As above, so below.

Video games are the newest reflection of that ancient saying. While playing video games the player (who exists outside the game) takes on a persona of a character (who exists inside the game). By itself, the game character is static. It has no will of its own and cannot function without the outside influence of the player to direct its actions.

As below, so above.

Now, consider the game persona as your physical body. It only exists within the game (a.k.a. the physical universe). Your body is subject to all of the parameters and restrictions that the developers have programmed into the world. You cannot leave the playable area, so to speak.

Your body also requires a will to give it life. We call that a soul. But what is a soul? A soul is an individual fragment of the Divine that serves as the player. The soul exists outside the confines of the game, but acts as the intelligence that drives the body existing within the game. Without the soul, the body cannot function. It is as if the player stepped away for a snack and left the game running. Though the body still exists and lives, it has no will–no soul– to direct it or give it purpose. When the player is absent, the persona can’t progress.

As above, so below.

So what’s the point? Consider that just like in video games, life and the world throw obstacles at us and force choices on us. Of course, there is more depth to real life than to video games and sometimes our goals aren’t as clearly defined. But all that is part of the programming. Our players–our souls–direct us frantically through these instances. And just like in gaming, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. We acquire items and experience in order to help us reach our goals. And through the good and the bad, we keep playing. Right up till we either conquer or die. Whichever comes first.

As above, so below.

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