Daily Wisdom-isms: Philp K. Dick

The Exegesis (East Meets West): A glimpse into PKD’s Gnostic tendencies.

The Exegesis (Unreal Reality): PKD’s exploration of reality as unreal and also how we (being fleshy machines caught in this unreal reality) perceive time and space within our hologram.

The Exegesis (The Experience): PKD became convinced that his experiences during February and March of 1974 were the work of an outside force (which he named Zebra) projecting information to him.

The Exegesis (Mental Health and the Divine Feminine): Interestingly enough, PKD acknowledged his mental health issues. What I find interesting about this passage is the appearance of the divine feminine at the peak of his psychotic episode.

The Exegesis (The Iron Prison): Explores the notions of salvation, the illusion of reality and how PKD attacks these issues in his writing.

The Exegesis (Art Becomes Life): Ever thought to yourself, “Life seems…fake. Scripted. Planned out by a sadistic jackass hiding behind an invisible Veil”? Philip did.

The Exegesis (Existence of God): Why did God go away? Or is it that you just can’t see him?

The Exegesis (The Empire): The Empire is all around us. It enslaves us, controls us and makes us a part of it.

The Exegesis (The Nature of God): The nature of God is…well…Nature.

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