Short Stories

A Note to Travelers and those who Wander—-Just a warning. Before you venture into unknown places.

A Universal Shift: A story fragment. Glimpses into another land I never got to explore.

Barbarians of Steamy Springs—A short story based in the Realm of Possibility. Infinity Jones accompanies Pirate Prince Perfidious and Mistress G to a quaint mountain resort. But a relaxing vacation quickly turns into a fight for life against blood-thirsty zombies!

Episode 1: Vacation Plans

Summer of the Monkey—-A fictional autobiography set in the Realm of Possibility. Chock full of love, adventure and good times!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

The Book of Absurdity: Epistles from the Realm’s most beloved clerical scamp, Lucius.

The Book of Illogical Logic: Because what is logic if not illogical?

Epistle of Folly: A treatise on the nature of the Divine’s idiocy and hot mother’s milk.

True Stories From Dark Alleys—-Walgren Spray gets in all kinds of trouble. Good thing there’s always a Frog King or an angel to help dig him out!

The Book—-Dick is a pathetic rat of a man. Until he finds the book that promises to make all his dreams come true.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

To Whom It May Concern—-This is…I don’t know what this is. It’s pure inspiration.

To Whom It May Concern

Dragonslayer—-A young girl is going to be sacrificed to a dragon. Only the Dragonslayer can save her life and free her people from terror.

Buck Fantastic: The Savage State of Worms—-Futuristic hero Buck Fantastic and his loyal cyborg friend, Plan B, head to the City of Thieves. While there, they get caught up in politics. Red or Blue? In the end, all worms are one worm!

Episode 1: Reunions

Tsunami’s Last Kiss—-The world is ending before your very eyes. What is your last action?

Infinity and the Siren—-Infinity Jones scales the highest mountain to find love. Only, how can you convince the wind to settle down?

A Letter From Shakespeare Jones—-It all started with a plant-slug.

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