Plays and Misc.


Horror Movies and Chick Flicks: A scene about who would survive an apocalypse.

The Devil and Tom Jones

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3

Frederico’s Flamenco and Other Tangos to Live By

Act 2: Scene Uno


I’m Sorry: We all lost sight of our dreams, but that doesn’t make it right.

Why Do All Energy Drinks Taste the Same?: They all do. And that taste is crap.

Trip to Los Lunas Mystery Rock: Cool place.

Why we need a Renaissance: I mean, have you seen what’s out there lately?

What I learned from the Sopranos: Mobsters can be surprisingly enlightening.

Meditations: Not quite poetry. Not quite a short story. Not quite as wise as I should be.

Fragmented Memories In A Haunted House

I think you know…: If you don’t, you should. 😛

A Letter to Blackberry: Guess who has a Droid now?

The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Day: Everything is alright as long as you can still dance.

Inspiring Muses: Don’t neglect them or they’ll leave!

In Case You Forgot: Just a friendly reminder.

Transcendent Memo: A call to arms to begin your personal crusade for Enlightenment

What’s My Motivation?: Cuz I’m really not feeling it…

Correspondence with the Duke of Slide: Demons are frightful things, but we have to fight them anyway.

Publishing Props ASIM: Yeah. They liked a poem I wrote…once…

God’s Dream: It’s a lot like life, interestingly enough.

Movie Reviews

In Time

Fright Night

Midnight in Paris

Where did the Oscars Go Wrong?


Blue Valentine

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