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At the Coffee Shop

Cool Hipsters.

Hip Coolsters.


before they are

screwed or blued.

Nothing to talk about

when you

talk about nothing.


returning home,

crying to mother

(her stolen mascara

running down smooth cheeks

in rivulets of watery night)

because coffee was cold

and life’s unfair.

She’ll make it alright

with hugs and promises.

No more tears.

Only smiles now.


tomorrow is always a new day

for cool hipsters.

A Place Without Time

Long, long ago and far, far away…

You’ve put…
(Pause for restructuring of certain syllables
in order to properly express symbols of elegant etiquette)

You’ve put our relationship in a place without time.

It was ART in her presence.
(But she didn’t want that out of life [you know, to be a presence] she wanted to be somebody’s

But it was art.

Primal rhythm to her speech
ac-sensual-ated by the periodical ringing
of the spoon on a coffee cup in the middle of transformation.

Then I remembered
(or thought I did)
What it was like to hold realistic expectations of passion in such high regard.

Seems like forever
(but we know what forever really is: The cloudy explosion of non-dairy creamer in a coffee cup.) Forever
Is the tendrils, patterns, swirling around in an attempt to make you forget that you really don’t need stimulants to become a whole person.

If God were a painter
that moment
–there in time–in no time–in suspended time
was his picture.
It was his instance of Platonic perfection manifested for men
so they (we) know that there is something
better–more pure
and we (they) can never have it.

Are you a coffee shop terrorist?

Are you a coffee shop terrorist?.

This just in! Giant UFO spotted over Dallas. Mini ships stop at Starbucks for lattes

The scene in Dallas today was one of awe mixed with fear as a giant alien mothership appeared over the metro area, casting the entire DFW area in a large shadow. Residents turned from curious to desperate when the mothership began dispersing smaller ships.

At first, the smaller ships zipped around as if they were scouting the area. Then one pulled into a Starbucks drivethru and ordered a mocha latte.

“It was gross!” states Mandy who served the alien customers. “They were all slimy and skinny looking. And they didn’t even tip!”

Shortly after that incident, things with the mothership turned hostile. The smaller ships began opening fire on the city.

“It looked like something out of a Will Smith movie. Them ships started sucking people up like vacuums!” said eyewitness Jenny Schmidt seconds before she was vacuumed into a ship.

Oddly, the only places to escape the total destruction of the metro area were Starbucks. Every last one was spared from being blasted into pieces. A statement released by our new alien overlords clarifies this:

“Slaves of Earth, hear our decree. We didn’t intend to conquer your planet. In truth, we were on our way through your galaxy to conquer another when we picked up a radio signal that advertised your ‘coffee’. Intrigued, we decided to see what was so special about these ‘lattes’ you slaves are obsessed with. Let it be known: They are delicious. After tasting several varieties of latte, we have decided to absorb your planet into the Scizzian Empire. Your planet will be mined for its delicious coffee resources and turned into a giant Starbucks where you slaves will serve your masters with friendly smiles! That is all.”

Indeed it is. Welcome to hell, earthlings.

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