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Daily Wisdomisms: Hermes Trismegistus on Atheism

Quite an interesting excerpt today. It appears atheism is nothing new. Despite what its proponents would have us believe, Atheism is not the byproduct of humanity moving into a new enlightened age. It is short sighted skepticism at best. Here is what Hermes had to say on the subject. Enjoy!

No one says that a statue or portrait has come into being without a sculptor or a painter; then has this work (the cosmos, J.) come into being without a creator? What blindness! What sacrilege! What mindless arrogance! My son, never deprive the works of creation of their creator. He is greater than anything the name of God implies, so great is the Father of all; for He is single and his work is just this: to be Father.The Corpus Hermeticum, Book 5.

This falls in line very nicely with my piece Only The Code that I posted a while back. To me, this makes perfect sense. As above, so below. No one says that art spontaneously arises out of chaotic nothingness and falls into perfect order. So why is it so hard to believe that the beautiful and magnificent work of art we call “The Universe” has a hand intelligently directing its design? As above, so below. I think that in this day and age with technology and “progress” being what it is, our collective ego has inflated to epic proportions. And we feel bold and empowered enough to challenge the very existence of God. Much like humanity did with the Tower of Babel and we saw how that turned out…


Daily Wisdomisms: Hermes Trismegistus

Further exploration of the writings of Hermes. This excerpt, on the nature of God, ties in nicely with an earlier tidbit from Philip K. Dick. Coincidence? Enjoy!

Be still, my son, and consider what is God, what is the cosmos, what being is immortal, what is dissolved and consider that the cosmos is made by God, and in God, man is made by the cosmos and in the cosmos, and that God is the source, the boundary and the constitution of everything.The Corpus Hermeticum Book 8. p.42.

Again we find reference to God being a part of His creation and not separate from it. I keep coming across these types of passages in my readings and I think that modern religion may have some things wrong. I grew up being taught that God was this eternal grumpy old man who lorded over us dispensing justice as He saw fit. I thought of Him as a force outside the universe He created. Something apart from it. But I no longer think this to be true. God isn’t some grumpy grandpa declaring jealousy and murder a sin, yet freely inflicting these things upon the peons in the cosmic playground He created. That is a trait of someone that is outside their creation looking in. But as Jesus was so fond of telling us, “God is Love.” And in order to truly love something it has to be a part of you. There can be no distinction or separation.

Epistles of Lucius: Something and Nothing

Some of you may not know the amazing story of the discovery of the documents referred to as “The Epistles of Lucius” and “The Book of Absurdity” (collectively called the Lubb Ickamaddi Library).

It all began in the year 2005 in the dusty town of Lubbock, TX. Until this point, Lubbock was mostly known for Texas Tech and the Dixie Chicks. But it so happens that during the early spring of 2005 a farmer was tilling his fields for planting when his plow hit on something obviously metallic. Further inspection revealed a metal box decorated with odd symbols buried deep in the ground. Trembling with excited anticipation (and a smidgen of fear) the farmer pried open the box…and was hit with a light and magnificence so profound he may have wet his pants (just a little).

Now he told academic authorities that all he uncovered were the documents. But this, we know now, must have been a lie. Because the Garments of Lucius were supposed to be buried with the books so that he could garb himself upon his birth in this land. Instead, when he was birthed into the land, he was naked as the day he was born. Unfortunately, the folk in Lubbock are a little touchy about naked men running through their streets shouting religious wisdoms. Poor Lucius was promptly seized and committed to the local psych hospital. He hasn’t been heard from since. Many think that Lucius was secretly transferred to Area 51 where he could spread the Good Nonsense of the Book of Absurdity to all the captive aliens there. Whatever his fate, this was one of the letters uncovered by the farmer. Enjoy!

The Epistle of Something and Nothing

There is Nothing and there is Something. There is nothing and there is something.  Something began as the tiniest particle of light trapped within a vast and never ending sea of inky blackness. Nothing. Then Something said OHM!!!!!! And light exploded, illuminating the darkness. And the Light brought with it Creation. And Creation brought with it Life. And the Something continued to resound sending ripples of OHM throughout the eternal sea of Nothing and leaving Life in its wake. Creation was and is everything. It started as the planets and the heavenly bodies. The cosmic orchestra. Then came the gods. Those hyper intelligent and spiritual beings who sprang from the very essence of Something, who resounded from ITS holy core. They looked on Creation with avarice and lusted after Life. They sought to control it. So the battle began. A struggle that wages as long as Creation exists. A struggle that drives the very foundations of Creation, that fuel the ripples of OHM across the void and perpetuate existence.  The Eternal Struggle is slave to the Cycle just like everything else in Creation.  But Nothing cannot be discounted. Nothing is constantly struggling against Something trying to reclaim it. Trying to swallow it back into itself and restore its silent entropy. This is Nothing. This is the essence of everything that Something is for. Eventually, however, Nothing grinds Something to a halt and begins to push it back, to swallow it back up, as it were. And it does. And it has. Countless times before. Because even Nothing and Something are part of a great Cycle. Because Nothing can never Truly swallow Something. Just as Something can never truly conquer Nothing. For Nothing is vast and eternal. And that has been the Cycle for countless times before. Until now.

Call it a glitch. But this time when the gods sprang from the heart of Something, some of them got the idea, had the desire to create Life themselves. Only it couldn’t happen without Something. So these tricksy gods gathered fragments of Something and put them into fleshly shells. And viola. “Intelligent Life” was created.  That’s right. Humans. And are there other non humans out there? Yes. Something is vast beyond our comprehension. And there are more gods than stars in the sky scattered over ITS expanse.  And these usurper gods claimed themselves to be Something even though they weren’t. Not really. More like mad scientists. Crazy spiritual hackers.  But they claimed to be IT anyway.  That primal Spark that all This was born from. They claimed this for themselves and Intelligent Life believed it.  Later, Intelligent Life would become more vain than was good for it and, claiming to be IT themselves, attempt to overthrow the usurper gods.  But something happened that the usurpers never expected. You see, up till this time, Something had always been a presence. Living yes, aware yes, but not exactly conscious. It had a purpose and it fulfilled that purpose. Until the fragments of ITSELF trapped inside ITS own creation became Aware. For the first time Something was conscious of ITSELF and it said I AM. And with that affirmation came Love. Love for Creation. Love for Life. And Something wanted to protect Creation from Nothing. To fight back. So it made ITSELF in Creation aware of Nothing. And here we are.

Daily Wisdom-isms: Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Sorry for the absence. I was down with a sickness! I wanted to post, I really did. But I couldn’t form coherent thoughts through the fever fog clouding my head. I tried typing up a random post and it turned into an incoherent treatise on the virtues and vices of Dayquil mixed with several other anti-sick meds and the effect said cocktail has on a person’s sanity.

So, today, I stumbled across something in Memories, Dreams and Reflections by Carl Jung. Jung is hands down my favorite historical shrink EVER. I think his unique blend of psychology and spirituality is right on time. Here, he reflects on the story of Adam and Eve. Enjoy!

“I mentally ran through the long procession of unknown ancestors until finally I arrived at Adam and Eve. And with them came this decisive thought: Adam and Eve were the first people; they had no parents, but were created directly by God, who intentionally made them as they were. They had no choice but to be exactly as God had created them. Therefore, they did not know how they could possibly be different. They were perfect creatures of God, for He creates only perfection, and yet they committed the first sin by doing what God did not want them to do. How was that possible? They could not have done it if God had not placed in them the possibility of doing it. That was clear too, from the serpent, whom God had created before them [Adam and Eve–J], obviously so that it could induce Adam and Eve to sin. God in His omniscience had arranged everything so that the first parents would have to sin. Therefore it was God’s intention that they should sin.[Italics author’s–J]”—Memories, Dreams, Reflections p.38

Daily Wisdom-isms

Why do bad things happen to good people? What kind of God would allow all this suffering? And so on and so forth. I face these questions frequently. As if people can’t believe in a truly good God in a world full of calamity and heartache. Of course, these people are misled. Unable to see the forest through the trees, as it were. Hermes Trismegistus sheds some light in a way that really hit home for me. Enjoy!

“And do not be wary of the full variety of creation, for fear that you will abase God and extinguish His glory. For He has only one glory, which is to create everything; this is as it were the body of God, creation. Nothing evil or shameful can be ascribed to the Creator. These are afflictions which follow upon coming into being; like the green on copper or the dirt on the body. For the coppersmith does not make the green, nor the parents the dirt on the body, nor does God create evil.

But the continued existence of creation causes evil like a kind of ulcer and therefore God brought about transformation (Gnosis, salvation, enlightenment, etc.–J), to cleanse the impurity of birth.”

—-The Way of Hermes pp.72 and 73

Daily Wisdom-isms

The legend of Hermes Trismegistus goes back thousands of years. Despite who he was or where and when he lived, his teachings have influenced many schools of thought since time immemorial. In this post he discusses One God creating the universe as opposed to many gods. Hermes considered the true God to be something akin to the Kabbalah’s Ein Sof.

From The Way of Hermes Enjoy!

“This one God makes everything; a plurality of gods would be absurd. Is it surprising that God creates life and soul, immortality and transformation when you yourself do so many things? For you see and speak, hear and smell, touch, walk about, think and breathe. There is not one who see and another who hears, one who speaks and another who touches, one who smells and another who walks, one who thinks and another who breathes; there is a single one who does all of these things. But none of this is possible without God. For just as if you cease to do things, you are no longer a living being, so if God ceases from these things–though it is impious to say–He is no longer God.—The Way of Hermes p. 55

Daily Wisdom-isms

On epiphanies. Enjoy!

“An epiphany enables you to sense creation not as something completed, but as constantly becoming, evolving, ascending. This transports you from a place where there is nothing new to a place where there is nothing old, where everything renews itself, where heaven and earth rejoice as at the moment of Creation.” —The Essential Kabbalah p. 99


The rain was a baptism. Purifying me with Divine violation.

“God,” Pan says, “Play your flute. Swirl me with Chaos. I only wish to sing in color.”

I awake in a panic. Fleeing a great darkness. I remember this old enemy of Reason. This quencher of Light. I have seen her face before. She scarred me and I loved her for it.

It’s unraveling. The whole of…everything is coming apart in spindles. Ordered– with purpose– in infinite spirals. It’s unraveling so it can reform itself anew and in perfection. In order for a New Heaven and New Earth to descend into existence, the old must be erased. Eliminated from the concept of reality. Two must become one. Separate but Equal.

The sins of man are not the sins of God.

Human beings cannot achieve salvation without the Godhead. We are flawed program constructs only capable of correction and realization with help from a perfect outside influence—God. Everything we create is destroyed. Everything we give life to dies. Everything we glorify mutates into Evil. We are sick and can’t heal ourselves. Man’s greatest sin is imagining he can.

Daily Dick-isms

Today’s Daily Dick-ism sheds light on PKD’s Gnostic tendencies.  That he was heavily influence by Gnostic theology is hugely apparent in the Exegesis as well as his other works.  This passage struck me as interesting because he seems to be blending Eastern and Western thought into an interesting concept.  Enjoy!


“Everything is turned around; yin or YHWH bellows and curses and rants; whereas the true Abba, the authentic yang part, is gentle–and its voice is mild and small and reasonable; it does not threaten or rant. This voice seems almost feminine. That which is truly all-powerful (cf. Zen) has no need to threaten or intimidate. This is a “hall of mirrors” –the true creator is mild and gentle and loving; the usurper bellows (‘the arrogant one’ who does not know there is a father above him/her). Here, again, we are presented with a puzzle and a lesson. Q: ‘Which is the real creator, the ‘still small voice’ or the booming, threatening one who can curse the land with plagues and blights– i.e. has mekkis?’ The coercive or the reasonable-persuasive? ‘Come, let us reason together’. God the loving father wishes us to discern this along our path of enlightenment–not to worship power but to trust wisdom and love.”

——Philip K. Dick Exegesis p. 324


Silence: When He spoke everything was terror. All trembled at the vibrations of His voice. “What was that?” young particles (soon to be a Universe) asked one another. “That was He of the First Voice”, whispered the rippling Spirit as it gathered the particles together molding them into suns and planets…creating life and matter haphazardly. “What does he want of us?” the infant Universe asked, terrified. For it knew not itself or why it was brought into being. And the spirit replied, OM!

Man: There are two birds fighting over a piece of bread.

Woman: Oh.

Man: Really! Look! Right over there before you—too late. What’re you doing anyway?

Woman: Watching rain puddles. Checking for the slightest movement…There!!

Man: There…what?

Woman: I was hoping they’d fall upward.

Man: Why would rain puddles fall upward?

Woman: Who knows what could happen? It’s rained frogs before.

Man: I don’t understand you.

Woman: Neither do I.

Uncomfortable silence

Silence: Part of the Universe understanding itself is duality. Polar opposites. Everything in creation has one. If not, they very shortly cease to be. What is light without darkness? What is man without woman? Our heroes ponder these questions right now. During the silence. He doesn’t understand she’s only listening for OM. She’s only looking for the concentric rings of the spirit to move her into an awakening. But then again, we all are, whether we realize it or not.

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