The Universe As I See It

Thoughts on the world, the universe, and our place in it all of it.

Only the Code: An Atheist Creation Myth—-Because it makes perfect sense.

What’s Your Passion?—-Sometimes we lose sight of what makes life worth living.

The War on Ideas—Ideas are never conducive to conformity.

Hey! Leggo my Ego!—Because the Ego has had a bad rap for far too long.

Knowledge, Wisdom and God’s Grace—-A little something on well…Knowledge, wisdom and God’s Grace.

Psychology vs. Normalcy—-You might not know this, but you’re almost crazy.

Are You A Coffee Shop Terrorist?—-Freedom was a good idea while it lasted.

Science vs. Paranormal Experiences—-Science has an answer for everything. It’s a nifty new anti-religious religion.

Order and Chaos—-I think you’re smart enough to figure out what this is about.

Divine Fractals and the Mind of God—-As above so below. We are all reflections of God.

Faith, Belief and Creating Your World—-Your imagination is more powerful than you think!

The Universe As I See It Part 2—-A continuation of my thoughts on religions.

The Doorway to Realization—-It’s there. All you have to do is cross the threshold.

The Universe As I See It Part 1—–Thoughts on religions, God, people and creation.

Goodly vs. Godly—-There’s goodly people and there’s Godly people. Only one of them is on the right path.

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